Universal Consumer Loan

Kredia Konsumatore Universal

Universal Consumer Loan

Some of the benefits that this loan offers you are:

  • Household electrical appliances;

  • Furniture

  • Education,

  • Health,

  • Holidays etc.

Other benefits from Univeral Consumer Loan

  • Simple and clear process

  • Documentation submitted

  • Assistance with notary documents

  • Loan is offered in three currencies, ALL, EUR and USD

  • More advantages if you have the salary at OTP Bank

More on Universal Consumer Loan

  • Maximum amount: up to 7,000,000 ALL.

  • Duration: up to 10 years.

  • Currency: ALL, EURO, USD

  • Interest rate: ALL: up to 7 years T.B + 3% (min 5.5%); EUR: Lib. + 5% (min 6%); USD: Lib. + 7.5% (min 7.5%)

  • Interest rate: ALL: up to 10 years T.B + 3.5% (min 6%).

  • Repayment method: principal and interest are paid in equal monthly installments.

  • Penalties: In case of delays in payment of installments, the bank applies a delay penalty, based on the current Terms & Conditions.

  • Early Payment: The bank accepts partial or total payments before the maturity of the loan. No additional fees apply.

  • This loan requires collateral

For more information please download the standard contractual documentation for Universal Consumer Loan

How To Get Universal Consumer Loan

The following documents are required for the principal borrower and the co-borrower:

  • Proof of income (from salary, rent, or both)

  • Identification Documents (ID or Passport)

  • Collateral documents

* The Bank reserves the right to request additional documents if it deems it necessary.

Collateral received by the bank

  • Mortgage of a real estate property with coverage of 140% of the loan value for amounts up to 2,000,000 ALL and 200% coverage for amounts above 2,000,001 ALL.

  • Deposit with coverage of 110% of the loan value