SMS Banking


Benefits from OTP / SMS

Acquiring information automatically on:
  • Balance of account every day at a certain point;

  • Fund input / outflow greater than a certain value;

  • Bigger / smaller than a certain value;

More on OTP / SMS

By choosing the OTP / SMS service, you will benefit from:
  • Receiving account information at any time, regardless of the client’s location;

  • Fast information on the situation of movements in your account;

  • Convenience: it is not necessary for the client to appear at the Bank in order to receive information, which appears on your handset, according to the type of request the customer has made;

  • Confidentiality: the transferred information is performed on the basis of confidentiality rules that the bank has for its clients.

How to Get OTP / SMS

This service can be offered to any client who has an active account with OTP Bank. This service is provided in the package or on its own.