Reconstruction Loans

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Loans for Housing Reconstruction

The main features of the loan for house reconstruction are:
  • Maximum amount: up to 300,000 Euros

  • Duration: up to 10 years.

  • Currency: ALL, EURO

  • Interest rate:

LEK: 2.4% fixed for the first  year;

LEK: 3.5% fixed for the first 2 years;

LEK: 4.0% fixed the first 3 years;


Income from salary/rent: B.TH 12M+1.65%(min.4.15%)

Income from salary/rent: B.TH 12M+1.75%(min.4.15%)

EUR: 1.4% fixed for the first year;

EUR: 2.5% fixed for the first 2 years;

EUR: 3.0% for the first 3 years;

EUR: 3.75% for the first 5 years;


Income from salary/rent: Euribor 12M+3.9%(min. 4.15%)

Other income: Euribor 12M+4%(min. 4.15%)

  • Repayment method: principal and interest are paid in equal monthly installments.
    Penalties: In case of delays in payment of installments, the bank applies a delay penalty, based on the current Terms & Conditions.

  • Early Payment: The bank accepts partial or total payments before the maturity of the loan.

For more information please download the standardized pre-contractual documentation for Reconstruction Loans here