Why join OTP Albania

Team spirit, our first value, goes beyond how we work together. It’s about forming durable relationships, based on respect and trust. Building team spirit together is about the excitement and satisfaction that come from learning from and supporting one another. Because the most important relationship is the one we build with our employees.

Professionalism and Innovation complete Team spirit as the set of our bank’s core values.
As well as team spirit, we look for innovation, responsibility and commitment. These values, shared by all colleagues, foster an environment which combines in-depth expertise and the constant desire to anticipate our customers’ needs and changes to the market.

1. Join a Talented Team

When you join OTP Bank, you are joining a team of very diverse people who are driven by excellence and whose widely recognized expertise is dedicated to always better serve our clients. We work hard to attract and retain a diverse mix of talented people from a wide range of backgrounds. Then we help them integrate smoothly and successful into the company.

2. Develop Your Future and Evolve

We want you to develop yourself in order to be at the cutting-edge of the banking industry best practices. This is why you have opportunities to advance your career, maintain your employability and develop new skills.
We invest heavily in training, and we offer full teaching programs in job skills, technical skills and managerial skills, incorporating our Bank’s values (team spirit, innovation, responsibility and commitment).

3. Earn the Rewards

As a member of the OTP Bank team, you are rewarded for performance and commitment, both individually and as part of the team.
Remuneration includes a fixed salary, a variable performance-related component, and other forms of benefits.