Professionals Loans

Professionals Loans

OTP Albania supports the development of the professionals clients by financing every business needs. Depending on your investment plan, you may choose one of the following:

Working Capital Loans:

  • OVD – a short term credit line which is granted for cash flow financing.

  • Short term Loan with a special purpose, which is granted in case of noncash flow needs. Under this category, the customer can be financed to pay different invoices, or contractual obligations

  • Medium term Loan for financing working capital needs with a longer perspective than OVD.

Fix Assets Loans:

  • Medium and Long term loans up to 10 years tenor.

  • Project financing which in granted for period longer than 10 years and aim to finance special purpose projects like, TEC or HEC construction

Agro Progress Loans:

The newest products Agro Progress are dedicated to all farmers in order to further develop their agriculture business.
  • Agro Mini – short term financing the daily farming activity..

  • Agro Loan – long term financing for investments in agriculture sector.

For further information, please refer to our Individual Loans.