Student Package

Paketa Student

Student Package


With Student Package, you will benefit from the following products:
  • Current Accounts in Lek;

  • Current Accounts in Euro Currency;

  • Debit Card MasterCard Standard;

  • SMS Banking;

  • Online Banking;

  • Elastic Deposits;


With the opening of the Student Package you will benefit from the wide range of services we offer:
  • Deposits / withdrawals, transfers and swaps through Current Accounts;

  • Non-commission deposit from third parties to student account;

  • Real time SMS information on your mobile for any debit / credit account;

  • Information and actions 24/7 through Online Banking;

  • Making utility payments without commission;

  • Savings on a regular monthly basis with the Elastic Deposit;

  • Automatic debit order without commission;

The debit card included in the package enables you to aslo:

  • Withdraw at any ATM of our bank free of charge;

  • Purchase without commission at any POS within the country;

  • Available on all ATMs and POSs outside the territory of Albania;

  • Buy online without commission using funds in the current account;

  • No membership fee for the debit card is applied;

  • Maximum security through Chip technology.


Documents required for opening the Student package:
  • Passport or Identity Card

  • Certificate from the University confirming student status