SMART Package

SMART Package

Benefits from the “Smart” Package

  • Discount on the prices of the products included in the package;

  • Real time information on any cash collection or withdrawal from the Current Account, through the SMS Banking service;

  • Payment of utility bill, transfers within personal accounts at any time through the Online Banking service;

  • Opening of Term or Optimal Deposits, debit card application, through the Online Banking service;

More on the “Smart” Package

  • The package is offered indefinitely;

  • Package content:

-Current Account

– Debt cards *

– SMS Banking

– Online Banking

* We offer the option of selecting the card you want to include within your package, within our broad range of debit cards like Maestro, MasterCard Standard, MasterCard Gold or Visa Premier.

Free of charge withdrawals at any ATM of our bank;

Purchase without commission at any POS within the country;

Usability in all ATMs and POSs outside the territory of Albania;

Online purchase opportunities using funds in the Current Account;

Maximum security through Chip technology;

Other benefits:

  • Higher usage limits, if you choose one of MasterCard or Visa Premier cards;

  • Access to the VIP lounge at Rinas Airport if you select the MasterCard Gold card;

  • Life Travel Insurance which is offered for MasterCard Gold and Visa Premier cards;


The required documents for opening the package are as follows:
  • Passport or Identity Card