PRO package

PRO package


  • The package is offered out of time;

  • Package content:

-Current accounts

-MasterCard debit card for a Physical Person

-SMS Banking

-Online Banking

*Customers apply monthly to the package. The commission is held by the current account every month.


  • Discount on the prices of the products included in the package;

  • Withdrawal and unpaid deposits from the current account;

  • Access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of Current Account through Debit Card;

  • Withdrawal through the Debit Card without commission at any OTP Bank ATM;

  • Free of charge on each POS within the country;

  • Access to the account from all ATMs and POSs not only internally but also abroad;

  • Purchase online through the Debit Card by using funds in the business account;

  • Immediate information on any cash collection or withdrawal from the Current Account, through the SMS Banking service;

  • Payment of various utility bills, payment of taxes and taxes, Social Security etc, through the Online Banking service;

  • Performing transfers within and outside the country for business