M Pay


Your Benefits from the Overdraft

  • A higher amount compared to your monthly salary, which you can use at any time

  • Competitive interest rates.

  • Fast approval process

  • Automatic renewal

  • Open overdraft line at any time you need

More on Overdraft

  • Maximum amount: up to 3 net monthly salaries – for both employees in a state institution and employees in a private institution, but not more than 6,500 Eur (equivalent in Lek)

  • Duration: 12 months, to be renewed upon your request.

  • Currency: overdraft currency is in the same currency as the client’s salary.

  • Interest Rate: The interest rate is variable and is based on the Retail Credit Bulletin.

  • Repayment scheme: principal can be paid back at any time; interest is paid back on a 3-month basis.

  • Penalties: In the event of delays in the payment of OVD, the bank applies a delay penalty, based on the current Terms & Conditions.

  • Early Re Payment: The bank accepts partial or total repayments before the maturity of the loan. No additional fees apply.

  • Collateral: no collateral or co-borrower is required for OVD.

For more information please download pre-contractual standard overdraft documents on salary

How To Get the Overdraft

This product can only be used by customers who have a salary agreement with our bank

  • Proof of income (from salary, rent, or both).

  • Identification Documents (ID or Passport)

  • The Settlement Agreement signed with the bank.

* The Bank reserves the right to request additional documents if it deems it necessary