OTP – Successful banking network already in Albania

OTP – Successful banking network already in Albania

Soon, new financial solutions and services for Albanian customers

The OTP Group, one of the largest providers of independent financial services in Central and Eastern Europe, has now entered the Albanian market.

Months ago, Societe Generale Albania publicly announced the transaction, which would make the Hungarian group, the sole shareholder of this bank, placing Albania as the 10th country where OTP is present.

With the aim of widening horizons in the Central and Eastern European region, where the presence of the OTP Group over the years has become increasingly present and renowned, the leading bank in Hungary offers high-quality financial services and digital bankers for more than 18.5 million clients.

Both for individuals and for business customers, OTP Group’s experience will soon be part of our market.

“It remains one of the top priorities for all of us to provide superior service to our customers, partners, and all parties involved in making this transition as normal as possible” – emphasized Mr. Bledar Shella , General Director of OTP Bank Albania.

Regarding the transition between these two world-wide banking market names, Shella said: “On this occasion, I would like to thank our 170,000 bank’s clients for their confidence, patience and understanding that they have reflected at this historic moment for us. I promise that this will be rewarded with quality work, dedication, and special attention from us all. “

CEO of OTP Group, Dr. Sándor Csányi indicated that entry into the Albanian market marks a historic moment for the regional presence of this bank. “I am convinced that this transaction will open a new chapter in the success story of OTP Group.”

Dr. Csanyi also stressed the great importance of the favorable macroeconomic atmosphere in our country: “We believe in the development of Albania, in the bright future of this country, a future that we want to support with our means.”

OTP Group is, also, known for its many initiatives in environmental protection, an event that will certainly take place in Albania, as well. The speeches emphasized the support of this bank for small, medium, and large business as well as future financing for a wide range of projects ranging from agriculture, tourism, hydropower etc.