OTP Group donates 500,000 euro!

OTP Group donates 500,000 euro!

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Let’s show the power of cooperation! OTP Group helping reconstruction!

Although days have passed since the strong earthquake of November 26th, our attention and compassion for those in need has not vanished. We are working towards a concrete help to families that today have no shelter, as the most stable and acute need at the moment.

Also a great help comes from OTP Group which activated its donation effort in two substantial movements;

OTP Group, headquartered in Hungary, announced its personal contribution with 500,000 euros to alleviate the damages and to help the people affected by the natural disaster.

At the same time, today the bank started a group level fundraising campaign through which all the employees of every OTP subsidiary can make a personal donation.

The Hungarian Red Cross is collecting private donations to help the victims of the earthquake. The donations will be spent on rescue tasks, on everyday supplies and on long-term reconstruction of the affected areas.

These commitments of OTP Group are a perfect example of the strength of the community, the respect and the care for each other. We are not alone in this difficult moment for our country and our people!