Starting from December 2nd, 2021, OTP Bank Albania online banking will be upgraded to a new platform.The new version of this platform will include various improvement and new features for its users.
The new features in the Online Banking platform are as below:
Improvement of UX:
  • Layout, colors, fonts, frames, shapes, quick actions in homepage, new icons, etc.

  • Main menu reorganized and restructured

  • Simplified flow and improvements in the payments process;

  • Quick access of payments template

  • Visibility on user rights and limits for companies

Utility payments feature upgrade – one click payment of utility bills

Credit Card:
  • Card statement

  • Quick access from homepage to due payments

  • Card settlement possibility: minimum, full or a specific amount

  • Possibility to send documents as attachments when performing international payments

  • Generating the PDF version of the account statement

OTP Bank Albania will send an SMS to the number you have registered in the banking system, in which you will receive an Internet address where you will find all the instructions to activate the new Online Banking platform. Click on the link below to view the instructions for activating the new Online Banking platform.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Online Banking is an electronic banking service offered to all business and individual clients, accessible 24 hours per 7 days of the week though two channels:

  • Your computer
  • Your smartphone (Android and iOS operative systems – with a dedicated application)

Online Banking can be accessed through your computer by clicking on the Online banking button in our official website or through your smartphone by installing the Online Banking application.

Desktop web version and Mobile application are aligned in terms of functionalities and features.

An operation that can be performed only through the Mobile App is:

  • Localization of the branch location, ATMs or Head Office of OTP Bank Albania through GEO LOCATOR

To be provided with new credentials for accessing the Online Banking platform, customers can call directly in the Call Center numbers 08004848/ +35568(69)4012121, or visit one of our bank branches. For the map of our branches please consult the list in the official website.

The Online Banking platform can be installed in every mobile that can be connected to the Internet, with the exception of devices on which root/jailbreak (manipulated Operating system) is detected.

To register in Online Banking, you have to previously be equipped with Registration ID (provided by our Call Center or by the branch) & a 6-digit PIN which is sent via SMS to your registered phone number. Afterwards, you need to download the mobile app from Play Store/ Apple Store and install it.

  • For Android operative system mobile/tablets, the application is named ‘OTP Bank Alb’ and it is uploaded in the Play Store;
  • For iPhone or iPad with iOS operative system, the application is named ‘OTP Bank Alb’ and it is uploaded in the Apple Store;

Online Banking service offered by OTP Bank Albania is one of the most secure platforms in the market, considering the authentication process and payments authorization (via One-time-password/Biometrics). Another secure method of access offered by the bank is the digital Smart Card or USB key, mostly used from companies which want to perform payments in groups (like salary payments) by using different levels of signatures.

No, for every transaction you will perform, there is a dedicated menu to access with all the steps needed, in a chronological way. For further instructions, please consult the demo prepared and published in our website where you can simulate and explore some of the main features.

Yes, our platform has a dedicated module designed to perfectly fit the needs of Small and medium-sized Enterprises and Corporates. One of the most advantageous features of this business module is the execution of batch payments and mass payments.

Yes, the limits are as below:

  • Individuals and sole traders
  • Daily limit per account                                                             200,000 ALL
  • Limit per transaction                                                               100,000 ALL
  • Business
  • Daily limit per account                                                             8,000,000 ALL
  • Limit per transaction                                                                4,000,000 ALL
  • Monthly limit                                                                           53,000,000 ALL


You can request the change of these limits by sending a message to the bank via Communication Center menu.


Yes, if you have internet access, you can access the Online Banking in every country, 24/7.

The users of Online Banking can perform domestic and international payments with below characteristics:

  • All the payments within the bank’s accounts can be executed 24/7
  • Payments within the country in local currency, with amount up to a maximum of 500.000 ALL with due value date, can be ordered up to 00:00;
  • Payments in local currency, with amount above500.000 ALL with due value date, can be ordered up to 14:00
  • Payments in foreign currency with due value date, can be ordered as per the below cut off time:
  • Transfers in EUR – up to 2:00 PM
  • Transfers in USD – up to 3:00 PM
  • Transfers in GBP – up to 12:00 AM

Note: **Trf. in CHF currency cannot be executed within the day.

Yes, it is possible to request and download on-demand statements of your accounts for the desired date range. Export of the transactions can be done in CSV or Excel format.

Yes, you can have MOTP credentials of the Online Banking for how many devices you may need. This request should be done at the branch.

Yes, is possible to perform transaction among accounts. But if you need to open a term deposit or optimal deposit, you can open them with the same currency of the current account.

Electronic forms have the same concept as the forms customers sign at our branches. Some of these forms are made available for our customers in the Online banking platform to facilitate and accelerate the process of requesting different products/services. You can find electronic forms at Requests section in Communication Center menu.

Please consult you demo in the official website for the opening of Deposits through Online Banking.

Please consult you demo in the official website for the opening of Deposits through Online Banking.

You can order transfers with preferential rate only if you have previously negotiated with the bank. You should contact your branch via phone or email.

Yes, you can perform bill payments in favor of: UK, OSHEE, VODAFONE, CAR FINES, ONE MOBILE & ALBTELECOM. With our improved Utility Payments menu, you can even subscribe for UKT, OSHEE, CAR FINES and ALBTELECOM contracts, obtain the list of all your unpaid bills and quickly perform their payment.

You can see all the accounts in every currency you have in OTP Bank Albania, including the joint accounts of loan products and Term Deposits.

The details you will see are:

  • The Loan type
  • The loan amount disbursed of the loan
  • The maturity date of the loan
  • Actual outstanding for the loan
  • The amount of the next installment
  • The date of the next installment
  • The remaining number of installments till maturity
  • The interest rate of the loan

OTP Bank Albania customers can request assistance and contact the bank through:

  • Online communication from our official website
  • Online Banking application, via Communication Center menu
  • Via email address or
  • Contacting the Quality Service Center in the telephone number 0 800 48 48 (free of charge)





  1. If a non- authorized person (hacker, relative etc.) steals my credentials what should I do?

Please contact immediately the bank to request the blockage of your Online Banking account.


  1. How can I be sure to access the application in a secure way?

Please consult the security advices published in the dedicated part of the online banking product in our official website.


  1. How can I change my personal PIN?

There is a dedicated menu within the Online Banking where you can change your personal PIN.


  1. If my MOTP token is blocked, how can I unblock them?

You can contact our Call Center or visit one of our bank branches.


  1. After activating the mobile application, when can I start to perform transfer?

You can perform transfer immediately after having activated the service.

Some tips for safe use of Online Banking service:


  1. Tips regarding access codes
  2. Never communicate your access codes to third parties, including relatives, friends or staff of OTP Bank Albania, and never write them down.
  3. In case you suspect that your login device has been compromised you must report it to one of our branches and request a change of your access codes.
  4. In case of loss or theft of your access codes you must appear at the branch and make a declaration of loss of access codes in Online Banking and Mobile Banking.
  5. OTP Bank Albania will never contact you via email or phone to ask for your access codes, or recommend an address which you can use to make payments via Internet Banking or Mobile Banking.
  6. OTP Bank Albania will never ask you to use the Online Banking or Mobile Banking service to prepare a transaction for testing purposes.
  7. Change your PIN regularly and enter a different one from the last PIN you used and never write it down. Do not use data that is easy to guess (birthday, year, etc.)
  8. Do not use the same PIN that is associated with something else (email, online shopping account, debit or credit card PIN, etc.)


  1. Tips on accessing the Online banking service
  2. Access the Online banking service only through the official website of the bank: Check that you are accessing the online banking site with https: // and it is followed by the respective name of the site and in the top or bottom panel of the site is the lock mark
  3. Do not access the E-Banking or Mobile Banking service on computers or public internet network (such as: Internet cafe, airport, etc.)
  4. Never leave your device unattended when you are connected to our online banking site. Be sure to “logoff” to complete the internet banking session.
  5. Click on the Logoff icon and close the browser when you exit the online banking site.


  1. Tips on getting “phishing” messages

Phishing is a “trap” message used to extract confidential personal or professional information (login, password …), to commit fraud or to install malicious software on your device. The “hacked” URL coming to your email or your device as an SMS may seem perfectly legal. However, if you hover your mouse over the URL without clicking it, you can see the redirect page (the address of where it actually leads). If the URL address in the message text is different from the address that appears when you place the cursor, it means that we are dealing with a phishing email.

Please notify the relevant customer relationship specialist at the bank in case of receiving suspicious emails.

Do not open SMS / MMS / e-mail messages without checking the sender’s identity and title. If you have any doubts about the origin of the message, delete it immediately and do not open any files that may have been attached and do not follow any links that may be in the message.


  1. Other tips

 It is your responsibility as a user to make sure your device has licensed antivirus software and keep it up to date. Make sure you always keep your device’s operating system up to date.

Do not download / install any non-standard / unreliable software on your login device.