MasterCard Gold

MasterCard Gold

Benefits from the MasterCard Gold Card

  • Currency ALL

  • 0% commission for ATM withdrawals from OTP Bank

  • Payment in POS and Online, at home and abroad

  • 0% commission for withdrawals at ATMs and purchases in POS within the country

  • Maximum security through Chip, PIN technology & Contactless

  • Checking the Current Account Balance at ATMs of OTP Bank and at ATM’s of other banks

More on the MasterCard Gold Card

  • Maximum daily amount for ATM withdrawals 100,000 ALL, maximum number of daily withdrawals: no limits

  • Maximum daily amount for points of sale (POS) and Internet 500,000 ALL, maximum number of payments: unlimited

The above limits are set in advance by the bank. At client’s request these limits can be changed and adapted to their needs.

  • Balance of current account balance at ATMs of OTP Bank and at ATMs of other banks.

  • Changing the PIN code at ATMs of OTP Bank and ATMs of other banks.

  • The client is able to unblock PIN off-line at ATMs of OTP Bank and at ATM’s of other banks.

  • Validity 5 years.

  • Auto renewal: Upon the expiration of the existing card, if the client does not appear at the Bank to fill up a non-renewal form, a new card is automatically generated

  • Deadline lockout: The client can close the card at any time by making a request to the branch.

  • Commissions applicable under current terms & conditions.

  • Card PIN over SMS_Client Instruction


The use of cards is constantly increasing, so we should be vigilant in their use for online shopping.

For this, the Bank Societe Generale Albania has prepared a guide with the main points you should consider during online card purchases.

Click here to download the guideline.

Here you can read more about the 3D Secure service for your online purchases