Dear Customer,

Please follow the steps below for the activation of the new mobile banking app and Online Banking:

Activation of Mobile Banking

Step 1: In order to activate the new mobile banking app, you first have to download it from one of the icon below:

Step 2: Please make sure you have received the codes from the old application:

Step 3: Enter the registration code and the 6 digits code in the new application you have downloaded:

Step 4: After you have entered these two codes, you have to set a PIN, which must have 6 digits and then you must confirm it.

Reminder: Access to Online Banking

After you have finished the mobile banking activation, you can now use the Online Banking service, which can be accessed from a computer.


Step 5: please visit our official web page

Step 6: Please insert your username in the first field, which can be found in guideline that you will receive in the “Secure Messages” in the old mobile banking app:

Step 7: Please insert the OTP code in the second field. This code can be generated through the new mobile banking app in your mobile phone in the following steps:

Step 8: After you have inserted your PIN, an OTP (One Time Password) will be generated. Please insert this code in the second field of the Online Banking Page:

This is the first page that will be shown after logging in your online banking account:

After you have downloaded and activated the new mobile app “OTP Bank” make sure you delete the old mobile application for a better usage.

We wish you a pleasant experience with our new APP!