Looks like the year we left behind as well as the year ahead, are going to be the years of major changes at OTP Bank.

Looks like the year we left behind as well as the year ahead, are going to be the years of major changes at OTP Bank.

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Question 1: Looks like the year we left behind as well as the year ahead, are going to be the years of major changes at OTP Bank. What is the bank’s strategy regarding the business activity for Retail, Proffesionals and VSB client segments?

The year 2019 marked a significant change for the bank. The challenges have been enourmous such as the integration process with the new group, reinforcing and expanding the bank’s activity as well as introducing the new brand in the market. Despite all the challenges, I am very pleased to say that during 2019, the Bank has had the best performance yet both in terms of activity and profit.

During 2020 we have planned a steady growth in the market. The bank’s strategy for this year focuses on a qualitative growth, first by focusing on increasing value added for credit and deposit activities. OTP Bank will continue to offer loan and deposit products with highly competitive prices in the market. In addition to these offers, the bank is also investing in improving the current lending processes so that we can deliver faster to our clients according to their needs.

An even more efficient exploration of the clients base with the aim of fulfilling the banking needs of our clients with the wide range of services that the bank offers, thus improving the customer experience in every direction.

Digitalization is another important aspect. Our future projects in this regard are focused on the clients and aim to improve their experience with our bank. During this year we have planned to increase the functionalities and upgrade the existing online banking platform, expand our ATM network by also offering new functionalities etc.

Question 2:

Loan interest rates and fees are perhaps the key points that make the difference between loans or even between banks or the process as a whole. Why should customers choose OTP Bank when applying for a loan?

The customers are at the focus of our development strategy, so at OTP Bank we offer loans that have been designed to cater their needs. With the current offer for home loan, the bank finances up to 100% of the investment plan, the interest rate is one of the best in the market, the lending process is fast and transparent. Our staff provides professional advice and investment guidance that best suits each client’s needs for lending products, time span, interest rate structure as well as information regarding what the market has to offer. Of course this is also supported by the wide range of loan offers from the bank in accordance with the client’s profile.

The client is always the one who chooses. It is our job to give them the possibility to make the right choice. It is very important to us that the clients understand what is best for them.

Question 3:

Digitalization of banking services has created a lot of convenience for customers especially in online shopping. In this regard what would you advise customers who use this way to shop?

In the digital age, the use of cards and electronic channels is steadily increasing. As digital innovations are widely embraced, we would advise our clients to be vigilant and careful both in the process of using cards and in preserving their credentials. We also work continuously to improve these processes and set up alert systems to protect our customers, i.e. our customers, through SMS banking are notified on their mobile phone for all the transactions they make on their account, in this case by using their card. This facilitates ongoing monitoring of the account as well as minimizes potential losses from misuse or theft of card data.

The Quality Service Center helps customers monitor their activity and block the card by preventing any possible losses.

In addition, by visiting the OTP Bank’s website (www.otpbank.al), customers can find a guide with key points to keep in mind when shopping online, while the staff in our branches are very good advisors at every step of the process.