Loans for Real Estate

Pasuri të Paluajtshme dhe Rikon

Loans for Real Estate

This loan enables you the following benefits:

  • Land

  • Shops

  • Office

  • Reconstruction of existing facilities

Benefits from Real Estate Loans

  • Simple and clear process

  • Documentation submitted

  • Notary convenience

  • Credit in two currencies, ALL and EUR

  • More conveniences if you have the salary at OTP Bank there are

More on Real Estate Loans

  • Maximum amount for shop / office purchase: Up to 300,000 Euros (not more than 80% of the purchase value)

  • Maximum purchase amount: up to 250,000 Euros (not more than 60% of the purchase value)

  • Duration: up to 15 years.

  • Currency: ALL, EURO

  • Interest Rates:

LEK: 2.9% fixed for the first  year;

LEK: 3.7% fixed for the first 2 years;


Income from salary/rent: B.TH 12M+1.75%(min.4.25%)

Other income: B.TH 12M+1.95%(min. 4.45%)

EUR: 1.9% fixed for the first year;

EUR: 2.7% fixed for the first 2 years;


Income from salary/rent: Euribor 12M+4%(min. 4.25%)

Other income: Euribor 12M+4.2%(min. 4.5%)

  • Repayment method: principal and interest are paid in equal monthly installments.

  • Penalties: In case of delays in payment of installments, the bank applies a delay penalty, based on the current Terms & Conditions.

  • Early Payment: The bank accepts partial or total payments before the maturity of the loan.

For more information please download standard pre-contractual documents for Real Estate and Reconstruction Loan here