Loan Package

Paketa Vizion

Loan Package

The loan package is offered to all borrower customers who besides the Joint account linked with the loan are equipped with an individual Current Account as well. The loan package will give to this group of customers the possibility to check the joint current account and to be informed on their loan details in every moment.

Loan Package includes the following:

  • Current account

  • SMS banking

  • Online banking

Client benefits:

  • Immediate information on changes in the Current Account balance, through SMS banking service, like deposit payments, loan installments, account balance etc.

  • Check at any time through Online Banking platform all the essential details of your loan i.e. loan outstanding amount, monthly installments, remaining tenor, installment date, loan starting and maturity date, interest rate of the current period etc.

  • Payments of utility bills and different transfers in every moment through Online Banking service.

  • You can be informed through secured messages within the platform for additional information or campaigns as deemed necessary from the bank time after time.