Unik Loan

Pasuri të Paluajtshme dhe Rikon

Unik Loan

Pasuri të Paluajtshme dhe Rikon

Kredi për pasuri të patundshme

This loan allows you the following benefits and more: 

  • Electrical and electronic devices

  • Furniture for your home

  • Children’s studies

  • Air conditioning equipment

  • Personal computer

  • Financing your vacation

The Unique Consumer Loan is valid for all residents or non-residents with a permitted stay and employment in Albania, permanent or temporary employees in companies, sailors, pensioners, entrepreneurs (who have been operating for at least one year) as well as for customers with other verifiable income.

  1. Benefits
  • Fast process
  • Few documentation required
  • No collateral required
  • Instant financing
  • If you have a salary in OTP Bank there are more facilities

Required documentation

    • Income statement;
    • Identity Card or Passport, and family certificate.


General conditions (for OTP Bank customers)

    • Financing amount up to 750,000 Lek;
    • Repayment term up to 7 years;
    • Fixed monthly installments for the entire duration of the loan;
    • Fixed interest for a fixed duration of the loan;
Duration Payroll at OTP Non payroll at OTP
Fix for the first 3 yars 10% 11%
Then T.B 12M + 8.5% (min. 10%) T.B 12M + 9.5% (min. 11%)
    • This loan is offered only in LEK currency.