Collateral Deposit Loan

Kredia me Kolateral Depozite

Collateral Deposit Loan


The key features of this loan are:
  • Maximum amount: up to 95% of the Deposit used as Collateral.

  • Duration: the maximum duration of the loan will be on the same day as the maturity of the deposit.

  • Currency: ALL, EURO

  • Interest Rate: The interest rate is variable and is based on the Retail Loan Bulletin.

  • Repayment method: a payment (principal + interest) at the maturity date.

  • Early Payment: The bank accepts partial or total payments before the maturity of the loan based on the applicable Labor Conditions.

  • Collateral: Time Deposits with 105% coverage of the loan amount.

  • Co-borrower:

If the borrower and the term deposit holder are the same person, no co-borrower is required

If the deposit offered as collateral is co-nominal, all persons must sign in the loan contract.

If the borrower is not the same as the deposit holder, then the holder of the deposit will be the guarantor for the loan and will sign the loan contract.


To apply for a deposit collateral loan, the client must submit:
  • Identification Documents (ID or Passport)


Through this loan, the client benefits:

  • The requested amount of money in his account

  • The interest of the time deposits is not lost.

  • Fast Approval Procedure