Every customer with a bank account can be provided with an IBAN code, which is an improved bank account number.

Benefits from IBAN

  • You can identify bank accounts across national borders;

  • Facilitates automatic payment processing;

  • Minimizes errors and manual interventions.

More on IBAN

The IBAN code contains:
  • The IBAN may contain up to 30 alphanumeric characters for the bank account number. Its length is set by the bank that generates it.

  • The first two letters represent the state code.

  • The two figures behind them represent the control figures.

The IBAN in Albania consists of 28 alphanumeric characters and is built as follows:
AL47 2121 1009 0000 0002 3569 8741

How can you use IBAN?

Once you get your IBAN from your bank, you can give it to third parties who will send money in your favor (along with your name and the bank’s name). Their bank (the ordering bank) will be able to confirm the IBAN and send the funds in your favor. If the IBAN is correct, your bank will credit your account on the due date.

How can you benefit from your IBAN?

  • We recommend that you sign up at one of our bank branches and request to obtain your IBAN.

  • You can also find it in the documents opening a new account.

  • You can find it even when you extract your account.


OTP Bank is not responsible for any discrepancies arising from incorrect disclosure of information to the IBAN generator. Please use this application considering the risks and only if you are unsure of the information requested.

Please be careful when:

  • Choosing your branch (should be the branch where you opened your account);

  • Entering account number;

  • Giving the other parties the exact IBAN generated by this link

This application can be used to generate IBAN only for accounts opened in our Bank. You can only generate your IBANs and not those of other clients or for your accounts in other banks.