VISA Credit Card

Visa Credit Card – Freedom of Purchase with 0% commission

Benefits from the Visa Credit Card

  • Avaiable Currencies (Lek / Euro)

  • Usage inside and outside the country

  • 15 – 45 days of grace period for delays in repayment

  • 0% commission for POS and Internet purchases

  • Maximum security thanks to the Chip & PIN technology

  • Online checking of your Credit Card Balance

  • Minimum payment of only 5% of the amount used

More on the Visa Credit Card

  • Make payments anywhere in the world, in any POS unit which displays the VISA logo (insert real logo, static image);

  • Card limit sufficient to cover your expenses according to your needs;

  • Very competitive interests and commissions;

  • Multiple options to settle the obligation: Cash, Bank Transfer or Online Banking;

  • Cash withdrawals at any OTP Bank ATMs and ATMs of other banks that contain the VISA logo, at home and abroad 24/7;

  • SMS notification on the first day of each month on the details of the invoice, for the unpaid amount as well as for the minimum required amount;

  • Simple and fast application;

  • Daily Limit for ATM withdrawals (inside & outside the country) – 30% of the card limit
  • Daily Limit for daily payments at POS & Internet (inside & outside the country) – 100% of the card limit

How to apply for a Visa Credit Card from OTP Bank?

You can apply in one of our branches with the following documents:
  • Introduce yourself to one of our branches

  • Apply here for expressions of interest on the cardboard (link to the application form)

  • Identity Card or Passport;

  • Revenue account movements for at least the last 12 months;

  • Website verification (optional)

  • Card PIN over SMS_Client Instruction


The use of cards is constantly increasing, so we should be vigilant in their use for online shopping.

For this reason, OTP Bank has prepared a guide with the main points you should take in consideration when using your card for online purchases.

Click here to download the guideline.

Here you can read more about the 3D Secure service for your online purchases