VISA Credit Card

Visa Card

Visa Credit Card – Freedom of Purchase with 0% commission

Benefits from the Visa Credit Card

  • Avaiable Currencies (Lek / Euro)

  • Usage inside and outside the country

  • 15 – 45 days of grace period for delays in repayment

  • 0% commission for POS and Internet purchases

  • Maximum security thanks to the Chip & PIN technology

  • Online checking of your Credit Card Balance

  • Minimum payment of only 5% of the amount used

More on the Visa Credit Card

  • Make payments anywhere in the world, in any POS unit which displays the VISA logo (insert real logo, static image);

  • Card limit sufficient to cover your expenses according to your needs;

  • Very competitive interests and commissions;

  • Multiple options to settle the obligation: Cash, Bank Transfer or Online Banking;

  • Cash withdrawals at any OTP Bank ATMs and ATMs of other banks that contain the VISA logo, at home and abroad 24/7;

  • SMS notification on the first day of each month on the details of the invoice, for the unpaid amount as well as for the minimum required amount;

  • Simple and fast application;

How to apply for a Visa Credit Card from OTP Bank?

You can apply in one of our branches with the following documents:
  • Introduce yourself to one of our branches

  • Apply here for expressions of interest on the cardboard (link to the application form)

  • Identity Card or Passport;

  • Revenue account movements for at least the last 12 months;

  • Website verification (optional)


The use of cards is constantly increasing, so we should be vigilant in their use for online shopping.

For this reason, OTP Bank has prepared a guide with the main points you should take in consideration when using your card for online purchases.

Click here to download the guideline.