HappyKid Deposit

Depozita HAPPY KID

HappyKid Deposit

Your benefits if you choose HappyKid Deposit

  • Minimum required amount: 1,000 ALL, 10 EURO, 10 USD

  • Maximum amount: 1,000,000 ALL, 10,000 EURO, USD 10,000

  • The maximum term of this deposit is when the holder reaches the age of 14 years old. The term of maturity varies depending on the holder’s age at the time of opening of this deposit by parents or legal representatives

  • Currency: ALL, EURO and USD

  • The interest earned is credited to the customer’s account at the end of each year

Deposits of individual clients in OTP Bank are secured up to 2,500,000 ALL (two million and five hundred thousand) from the Deposit Insurance Agency – http://asd.gov.al

How To Open a HappyKid Deposit

  • Passport or child’s personal certificate (or birth certificate when the deposit is opened for a newborn) passport, or parent identity card

Additional document requested in case of legal representative (not parents):
  • Certification by the District Court for taking custody of the child.