Earthquake relief, OTP Bank Albania provides accommodation for 7 families in Manza

Earthquake relief, OTP Bank Albania provides accommodation for 7 families in Manza

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The November 26th earthquake that shocked Albania, beyond the loss of lives and psychological consequences that caused to the people, left behind a lot of economic damages destroying homes and leaving thousands of families homeless.

Among all the contributors to this cause, were also OTP Bank Albania wonderful colleagues and its clients, who with their humanity decided to lend a helping hand to those affected by this tragedy. They entrusted OTP Bank Albania with using these funds and bringing this project into life.

After carefully evaluating the situation and possibilities, OTP Bank Albania decided to accommodate 7 families in one of the most affected areas by the earthquake, Manzë.

The decision to contribute for the people living in this area, stem from a post in December 4th, 2019, which depicted the living conditions in the Manze Commune in Durrës. Immediately after this announcement, a part of OTP Bank staff personally visited the camp of Manza village, and also had a meeting with the Mayor, Mr. Muharrem Sula, to learn about the current situation and the great need for help. Of course after the earthquake one of the most urgent needs was to accommodate all people whose houses were declared uninhabitable.

All the donations collected so far will be used to accommodate Manza residents in trailers suitable for this purpose. Specifically, OTP Bank Albania has undertaken to accommodate seven families in these trailers, with suitable living conditions. The trailers have already been ordered and produced, and are expected to be stationed in the area within the third week of February, serving as a home for the homeless families.

OTP Bank’s initiative to provide accommodation for the 7 families in question was joined by renowned actor Florian Binaj, who supported our initiative, donated funds, followed systematically and with dedication this project and saw it to its completion.