Optimal Deposits

Optimal Deposits

Your benefits if you select Optimal Deposit

  • Time period 1 Year

  • Benefit of interest each end of the month

  • You can withdraw your funds at any time without penalty

More on Optimal Deposit

  • Minimum required amount: 50,000 ALL, 500 EUR, 500 USD;

  • Maximum amount: Not applicable;

  • The higher the initial amount with which the deposit is opened, the higher the interest rate you receive for this deposit;

  • Currency: This deposit can be opened in ALL, EUR and USD currency; You will receive a different interest rate depending on your deposit currency;

  • The interest earned is credited to the current account at the end of each month throughout the duration of the deposit;

Deposits of individual clients in OTP Bank are secured up to 2,500,000 ALL (two million five hundred thousand) from the Deposit Insurance Agency – http://asd.gov.al

How To Open an Optimal Deposit

Documents required for opening an Optimal Deposit:
  • Passport or Identity Card