Deposit New Generation

Deposit New Generation


Your benefits if you choose New Generation Deposit

  • This deposit is accompanied by a Maestro debit card which is issued on behalf of the teenager.

  • Through the card he will be able to make withdrawals at any ATM and purchase at any POS within and outside of Albania.

  • You as a parent have full control over the deposit by depositing or withdrawing funds whenever needed.

  • The Bank offers the opportunity for the parent to link the New Generation deposit with the SMS Banking service and be notified of any action that the child performs on the deposit using the debit card.

More on the New Generation Deposit

  • Required minimum amount: 1,000 ALL;

  • Maximum amount: The maximum amount requirement is not applied;

  • Maturity: The maximum term of this deposit is until the holder reaches the age of 18. The term of maturity varies depending on the holder’s age at the time of opening of this deposit by parents or legal representatives;

  • Currency: This deposit can only be opened in ALL currency;

  • Benefit Interest: Will be credited to the customer account at the end of each year.

  • Deposits from individuals, traders and companies in OTP Bank are secured up to 2,500,000 ALL (two million five hundred thousand) from the Deposit Insurance Agency –

How You Can Benefit the New Generation Deposit

Documents Required to Open a New Generation Deposit:
  • Required Documents for Titular (Teenager)

  • Passport or Identity Card

Documents required for the parent:

  • Passport or Identity Card

Additional document requested for legal representative (not parents):

  • Decision by the District Court to take custody of the child.