Elastic Deposit

otp depozita elastike

Elastic Deposit

Your benefits if you choose Elastic Deposit

  • Cash outflow and withdrawal; the client is free to act at any moment on his deposit.

  • Transfer of Elastic Deposits into Current Accounts and vice versa;

  • Capitalization of deposit interests itself.

  • The deposit can be withdrawn at any time by the customer

More on Elastic Deposit

  • The deposit is offered in ALL, EURO, USD, GBP, CHF currencies.

  • Maintenance Commissions: 200 ALL or 2 Units of the Foreign Currency on a yearly basis.

  • The minimum opening amount is 10,000 ALL or 100 units of the Foreign Currency;

Deposits of individual clients, traders and companies in OTP Bank are provided up to the amount of Lek 2,500,000 (two million and five hundred thousand) from the Deposit Insurance Agency