Escalade Deposit

Elastic Deposit

  • Your benefits if you choose Escalade Deposit

  • Investment in ALL, EUR and USD

  • Duration 12 months

  • Growing interest on a monthly basis

  • It reaches the maximum value in the last month

  • Benefit your earned interests for the full month even if you break your deposit

More on Escalade Deposit

The main characteristics of the Escalade Deposit are:
  • Minimum Amount: 50,000 ALL, 500 Euro, 500 USD

  • Maximum amount: The client is free to deposit the amount he wishes at the time of opening the deposit

  • Maturity: This deposit is only offered for a 12-month period

  • Currency: ALL, EUR and USD

Deposits of individual clients in OTP Bank are secured up to 2,500,000 ALL (two million five hundred thousand) from the Deposit Insurance Agency –

How To Open the Escalade Deposit

Required Documents:
  • Passport or Identity Card

  • Minimum Amount: 50,000 ALL, 500 Euro, 500 USD