Banka  OTP, CSR

Responsible operation for OTP Group means sound management, responsible employment and active participation in society. As a service provider our objective is to provide financial services that are responsible, fair and customer demand-driven. In addition, responsibility also means ethical conduct towards our stakeholders and mitigating our environmental impact.

Our goal is to integrate the principles of sustainable and truly responsible operations into all levels of company operation.

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OTP Bank Albania aims to apply exemplary corporate social responsibility practices that are aligned with the expectations of investors and society.

The strategy aims to reinforce the presence of values such as customer-orientation, innovation capacity and a human-centered approach within company culture, and to improve the image of the bank in the eyes of external stakeholders (customers, suppliers and society). Social players — decision makers as well as the broader public — expect major economic players to take part in resolving social issues and to have clear priorities, and this is especially true for OTP Bank, the economic and social importance of which is incontestable.

OTP Bank Albania, in the framework of social responsibility, conducts a number of activities throughout the year. We would like to share these activities with you. Below you can follow our activities. We are here … join us!