Change of Index Interest Rate

Change of Index Interest Rate

The relationship with our customers at OTP Bank Albania is very important and we always keep you informed about the actions that affect your banking activity.

This notification is regarding the change of reference interest rates for your loan in euro currency.

Starting from January 1st, 2022, LIBOR will not be quoted by banks as the reference rate for euro loans. For this reason, OTP Bank Albania has taken all measures that for all existing loans, starting from the date quoted above, Euribor will be used as a reference rate.

This change is also a legal obligation from Bank of Albania, which has notified all commercial banks through a official communication to take all the required steps for the implementation of this change in due time.

Regarding the above, please contact your personal banker or Quality Service Center, 24/7 in the following numbers (0800 48 48 (free of charge) / 068 40 12121 / 069 40 12121.