Agro Progres Loan

Kredia me Kolateral Depozite

Agro Progres Loan

2 loans dedicated to give you the opportunity to further develop your business activity.

1. Agro Mini, short-term loans for financing of agricultural activities; and

2. Agro Loans, long-term loans offered for financing the purchase of agricultural equipment and investment in greenhouses, stalls etc.

Benefits from Agro Progress Loan

  • Very good opportunity for you as a farmer or investor, in order to develop and expand your agricultural activity.

  • Opportunity to repay disbursement loans based on the production cycle.

  • No collateral required for Agro Mini loans; while offering agricultural land as a collateral, farmers can benefit a larger loan amount.

  • Facilitation in the documents requires: the submission of a farmer’s license is not mandatory.

More on the Agro Progress Loan

Agro Mini
  • Minimum amount: 50,000 ALL.

  • Maximum amount: 1,000,000 ALL.

  • Currency: LEK.

  • Deadline: maximum duration of 84 months.

  • Variable interest depending on loan duration:

0 to 1 years: Interest rate 5.5%

1 to 2 years: Interest rate 6.5%

2 to 3 years: Interest rate 7.5%

3 to 5 years: Interest rate 8.5%

5 to 7 years: Interest rate 9.0%

  • Repayment scheme: Based on the production cycle, this loan can be re-paid on an irregular installment scheme.

  • Early Payment: The bank accepts partial or full repayment of the loan before its maturity term based on the current Terms & Conditions.

  • Collateral: No collateral or life insurance is required.

Agro Loans
  • Minimum Amount: 1,000,000 ALL.

  • Maximum amount: 2,000,000 ALL. Funding up to 70% of the investment value.

  • Currency: This loan is offered in ALL and EUR currencies.

  • Deadline: The minimum repayment term is 6 to 84 months.

  • Interest rate: ALL: T.B. + 4.5% (min 8.5%); EUR: Lib. + 9%.

  • Repayment Mode: Based on the production cycle, this loan can be re-paid in irregular installments.

  • Early Payment: The bank accepts partial or full repayment of the loan before maturity term based on the applicable Labor Conditions.

  • Collateral: Agricultural land is required as collateral. Also, for amounts over 1,000,000 Lek, life insurance is required.

  • Insurance: Property insurance in the case of the Agro Loan is required at 110% for exposures above 1,000,000 ALL and life insurance up to 100% for exposures above 2,000,000 ALL.

How You Can Get Agro Progres Loan

To apply, you can apply to your Personal Banker with the following documents:

Agro Mini

  • Identification documents (passport, identity card).
    Family certificate.
    License (if any).

  • Ownership certificate for land, farm or greenhouse.

  • Confirmation of the municipality for the number of the livestock owned and / or confirmation by the commune for the land sowed.

Agro Loans

In addition to the above documents, for the Agro loan, the following are required:
  • If the loan is to be used for investment, a simple Investment Plan is required.

  • Valid documents of the property to be used as a collateral (agricultural land, greenhouses or farms).